• Dele Odumosu
    Ojaplace, via Dayville Solutions was able to help the Nigerian Society for Microbiology build, test and deploy custom app and payment solutions for our society affordably and in record time and our codebase is always updated and business scaled
    Dele Odumosu
    Nigerian Society for Microbiology
  • Joshua Oluseyi
    Using a single source, point source code, dedicated server hosting, I was able to build, deploy and host Ojaplace codebase in record time using the Dayville Solutions single source framework via https://dayvillesolutions.com/framework

Build and Measure everything
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Build, manage and measure everything from mobile apps to custom web, ecommerce, crypto or custom apps.

Dayville Solutions, the parent company of Ojaplace Inc., and other portfolios, builds, manages, tests scales and customizes applications and solutions for the global economy both at scale and at standardized normalization for government and private organizations

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Build and host applications at scale
build and host tested, trusted applications that stand the test of time and progress rapidly over time.

Scale with time easily

Standardized app building, prototyping and error proof reading with scaled dimensioning

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Custom application building and scaling

Standardized visualization over time across all devices, built into application prototyping

Error free code
highly secured, interconnected, dedicated servers for zero downtime

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Using advanced automation, build, deploy and host your applications at scale affordably.

Build using scalable, realtime updated framework from a single source framework

No need spending thousands of dollars building and prototyping apps. Using the Dayville Solutions Framework, build and prototype white label apps using latest web tools, frameworks, technologies using easy to use tools hosted on easy to use UIs, APIs, dedicated servers

Advanced intrusion detection and prevention system. Integrate into your apps using APIs, Plugins

Having issues with threats on your hosted apps and sites? using advanced APIs on the DVS network, prevent threats before they occur. Advanced CCTVS, SPY Cameras installation using web and mobile, USSD, APIs monitoring using video and audio.

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  • Error free code
  • deploy your apps and sites in less than 3 hours using easy UI
  • Host and scale your business online in record time
  • Free codebase updates to prevent hackers and intruders, bug

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